Acro uses strength and flexibility to develop strong bodies and uses element of gymnastics. Acro students become stronger dancers overall.
They typically jump higher and are always less intimidated to execute floor work or any movement of the body that requires
a backward motion, namely in lyrical/contemporary/modern and jazz classes. Only Advanced Acro will be a performance class. 

Acro Training At TDC

Our acrobatics classes will help our dancers develop artistic use of movements and tricks, focusing on dance related lines within the skills given. We work on overall conditioning, flexibility, strength, balancing and tumbling skills. Our acrobatics classes consist of required drills within many levels. Students will work independently to accomplish the drills within each level before moving to the next level within the class. Although we realize that many students╩╝ goals are to learn a back handspring or aerial cartwheel, we also feel strongly that the student must have solid body conditioning/training to learn correct form and develop good habits required for these more advanced skills. Comparably, we would not teach a student to dance in pointe shoes before having solid ballet training.


ATTIRE: Black leotard and black hot shorts or leggings. No t-shirts, Bare feet. Hair in a neat, low bun with hairnet. Loose hair that is not tied back will get caught under the dancers hands when performing many skills, causing safety concerns, therefore, dancers will not be allowed to take class if hair is not in a bun. No headbands. Boys: gym shorts, form fitting underarm our style shirt & bare feet.