Alumni & Testimonials

“TDC is truly the best of the best!

My daughter, Grace, has been dancing with TDC by Heidi Glynias for seven years and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of dance, the friendships made and overall professionalism of the studio.

The instructors are not only skilled in various genres of dance but are simply great with our children. Classes are the perfect combination of technique & fun.

Over the years, our daughter has become more skilled in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop but more importantly has gained a self-confidence that we attribute solely to her time spent in classes and on the TDC stage.

If you haven’t seen a TDC performance yet, put it on your bucket list. The time the instructors and dancers put in year-round, the attention to detail in the lighting, costumes, transitions and overall performances is like no other. TDC has that WOW factor everyone is looking for.”

- Natalie, TDC Parent

"TDC taught me so much more than dance. Heidi and the other teachers went above and beyond to teach us so many important life lessons; dedication, motivation, hard-work, perseverance, teamwork, friendship and the list goes on!

I can honestly say that some of the best years of my life were when I was at TDC. I would go back to those days in a heartbeat!!"

- Sammy, TDC Alumna '08

"As a classically trainer musician and conductor, it was at first intimidating to accept a position Conducting a collegiate show choir. I find myself sometimes remembering past lessons learned both in my short time at TDC and in other dance experiences when communicating with our team of choreographers, and constructing an aesthetic vision for our concerts."

- Chris, TDC Alumnus '02

“We found TDC because of the acro classes but now our two daughters are full-fledged dancers and compete on the Ignite teams. The environment at TDC teaches them to be confident, that hard work pays off, and what dedication and teamwork means.

The whole TDC family, instructors and students, have been welcoming and our girls have developed great friendships in addition to confidence that carries over into their daily life.

Dance is a family affair that has transformed us into a proud Dance Mom and Dance Dad!

 Thank you TDC!”

- Becky & Marc, TDC Parents

"It gave me the tools and foundation to excel in my dance career.

What means the most to me is I was able to utilize all my training to teach and develop others that didn’t have the same training opportunities growing up."

- Katie, TDC Alumna '04

“In addition to teaching my daughters how to dance, the teachers at The Dance Centre by Heidi Glynias have taught them how to be good learners by approaching new challenges with positivity and a willingness to try.

Tap didn’t come easily to my older daughter, but as she progressed through the different class levels at TDC it became her favorite form of dance.

Even in introductory level classes, I was impressed by the complexity of the age appropriate choreography and what TDC’s teachers were capable of encouraging little children to accomplish by their show at the end of the year.”

- Audra, TDC Parent

"I can't imagine my life without my TDC experience! Shaped me into a disciplined, hardworking individual.
It also fostered a strong sense of team building and working together to reach a common goal. 

I am so thankful for my years at TDC - I really do think about it often!"

- Taylor, TDC Alumna '08

"My experience as a TDC dancer taught me the importance of commitment, teamwork, and being reliable.
At TDC, I met amazing friends that I still keep in touch with today. I also still dance down grocery store aisles and can only count to 8."

- Carly, TDC Alumna '10

"TDC ignited in me at a young age an incredibly healthy discovery of releasing emotions & expressing myself through movement, creativity, & artistry. It instilled a strong sense of discipline, team work & self love that I have carried onward throughout my life and career.

Always and forever grateful to Heidi and TDC for all it has given me"

- Eryn, TDC Alumna '04

"It wasn’t just dance that I learned. It was principles of everyday life that I still use to this day in my personal and professional life.

It was learning about commitment, leadership, being a part of a team, helping me develop emotionally, socially and cognitively, building self-confidence and so much more.

Of course the dance was always fun but I have found myself thinking back on everything else I learned in my 15 years from Heidi and all my other teachers."

- Kylie, TDC Alumna '04

"My training at TDC really formed me into who I am today. It was more than just a "dance studio" or "classes" - it was my home for over a decade! I grew up at TDC and I am so grateful to have such a fun and supportive space to do so. I was taught not only discipline and hard work - but how to be a good person in all aspects of my life.
I would not be who I am if it weren't for Heidi and all of the teachers at TDC over the years - and the lifelong friendships that I made with my fellow dancers."

- Anna, TDC Alumna '09

"The life lessons and discipline I learned while training at TDC, I would say, reflect majorly on the person I am today. I learned what it meant to work hard, truly.

Dance was never something that came easily to me.  My dance accomplishments were achieved through learning to lean in on my instructors but also motivating myself to get what I wanted (something very reflective of my schooling, and the business world). I saw many years of hard and extra work pay off towards the end of my time at TDC; something tangible that I, to this day, keep faith in and remind myself of when I really, really want something.

I learned the importance of working on a team and having to sacrifice little things along the way to reach an end goal. Not to mention, some of my closest friends in the world came from my years on Company. People I can't imagine my life without!"

- Allie, TDC Alumna '15

Watch our show closer from the 2019 Dance Concert, "A Step In Time".  This 30th season celebration performance closed with current TDC instructors, followed by 13 TDC Alumni who rocked the stage yet again!