Did you know that the first ballets were performed by men only?! Although the female dancers work to make ballet look graceful and effortless, advanced ballet
requires extreme athleticism. Ballet training provides thorough training for the entire body and gives the dancer who has studied this art form for a significant
amount of time, an overall understanding of body movement and placement. Ballet has life-long benefits and is a must for dancers wanting to excel in jazz, lyrical/contemporary & JLT classes. It also gives our tap dancers the placement and presence necessary to carry their upper bodies while their footwork
moves against the floor! Ballet is the foundation of all dance and it is the language that well educated dancers understand.

Ballet Training At TDC

Our ballet classes will focus on garnering fine motor skills as well as implementing ballet positions and movements that are foundational to the technique. Dancers work to refine upper and lower body coordination in stationary and locomotive movement. Class will follow a structured progression of warming up, learning and exploring new skills while practicing class etiquette. Our ballet classes incorporate mix of styles; however, universal steps, technical foundation and vocabulary
are a priority. Our very young dancers will be introduced to basic positions and steps with some time spent at the
barre in addition to traveling steps across the floor, combinations in center and steps involving directional changes and “staging”.  As dancers progress through our program, more intricate concepts & physics will be applied to the
execution of their movements and placement. Advanced dancers will learn to think through movement quality
 and how physics and the rule of opposition applies to the execution of their movements and placement.


ATTIRE: black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Split sole slipper with canvas arch is preferred. No sports bras or bra straps/lines showing beyond fabric of leotard - clean lines expected. Hair secured in a neat bun using a hair net and bobby pins. No “messy buns”. No headbands.

Dancers must be recommended to this class by the ballet teachers. Pointe meets 1x per week. Students may also be asked to wear pointe shoes during ballet class. Pointe students are required to take 2 ballet classes in addition to Pointe Class. Pointe shoes are highly individual.

Pre-Pointe Dancers will not wear Pre-Pointe shoes . If you have them from last season, you are invited to bring them to class for eventual use. New dancers recommended to Pointe 1 are required to submit doctor’s note/approval to take this class. After purchasing, always have your teacher check the fit of your new shoes before wearing and sewing on elastic & ribbons.

POINTE ATTIRE: same as ballet class attire. Dancers may wear skirts for pointe provided time is not wasted in between class to change shoes and put on skirt.