Break Dance

Breakdance explores the physical and acrobatic side of hip hip. This class is designed to compliment our hip hop
by giving dancers additional skills for their performance “wow factor”. 

Break dance Training At TDC

Students will develop their full body strength, agility, and coordination while learning how to move in full 3D space, upside down, right side up, side ways, you name it! Students will also be encouraged to start developing their own styles through guided observation, movement physics, theory, and practice.
 All of these elements are building blocks in creating the student’s self expression with
 this dance form and will help them stand out in cypher (dance circles). 


ATTIRE: Same as hip hop attire. Additional items: SOFT elbow and knee pads (not hard ones used for skateboarding) and a long theraband. Theraband should be as tall as the dancer in medium strength.