There are many factors that are taken into consideration for class placement. Returning students will have recommendations emailed to them. Much thought & discussion has gone into student placement for the new season. Consideration for changes will only be taken into account once we see the dancers in their recommended class.

New students will be placed according to age & prior experience. From there, further evaluation will take place in class to be sure the best placement for the dancer has been determined.

Ages are used as a guideline. TDC teachers/director always look for class placement to be in the best interest of the student and classroom situation, therefore, she/he may be recommended to a class even if student’s age is out of the age range listed in our class descriptions.

We are constantly evaluating students (even after the new season has begun). It is possible for student placement to change during the year. We strive for placement that will contribute to the student’s best learning & development.

A Note About Class Placement