Employment Opportunities

Interested in working at The Dance Centre?

Please email us with your resume, qualifications and any certifications.

We are always excited to hear from talented instructors and choreographers! 

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

At TDC, our talented instructors offer the perfect mix of classical training, technique and modern methods. Instructors keep themselves up-to-date and current with dance trends through conventions, seminars, master classes, education and performances.

TDC Instructors:

Are passionate about sharing their knowledge and values with students.

Are prepared and organized.

Train dancers to conduct themselves professionally and humbly, being courteous and considerate of others.

Encourage and guide students towards personal growth, personal goals and their “personal best”.

Instill confidence with a consistent balance of expectations and praise.

Give honest praise.  We firmly believe that students know if a teacher gives false accolades or is not invested in them, which leads to a lower standard of work ethic and trust.  Our students take pride in knowing they earned their positions and advancements.

Strive for consistency in student interactions and policy enforcement.

Handle discipline in a firm but loving manner.

Adapt to the changing needs of our students.

Stress the importance of appropriate terminology and understanding of correct execution of steps which, in turn, establishes correct habits in muscle memory and prevents injury.

Work on cutting edge, yet age-appropriate, material and choreography.

Continue to update their knowledge through classes, workshops and intensives.

At TDC, more than anything, we believe in our dancers. Our dancers are the motivation behind all that we do.


TDC Instructor Expectations: