Conditioning Classes 

Our conditioning classes are excellent supplements to technique class, providing the dancers with the tools to incorporate safe body placement, muscle memory, strengthening, flexibility and awareness to prevent injuries. These are not performance classes. 

Feet Strengthening, 
Stretch & Conditioning 
Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

Conditioning at TDC

FEET STRENGTHENING AND CONDITIONING (ages 11-19 with ballet experience.) Company Illuminate requirement. Dancers will work to strengthen feet, ankles, range of motion, leg and core muscles with a focus on improving strength & articulation of the feet, resulting in improved lines and stronger, pointed feet even when moving quickly through choreography.. Endurance exercise will also be incorporated. Uniform required - see class descriptions & attire on website. Supply required: Wobble Balance Board which can be purchased on Amazon. Store found by Mr Jason is “Yes4All”.  Item description: Wooden Wobble Balance Board.   

FLEXIBILITY CONDITIONING (ages 10-19) Company Illuminate Requirement. Focus of this class will be on flexibility for larger and safer range of motion but will include strength & cardio conditioning. A balance of flexibility and strength helps prevent injury and maintains a healthy dancer body. Strength, endurance & flexibility allows dancers in all dance forms to reach further, kick higher, leap bigger, and perform “trick steps” well. 

PROGRESSING BALLET TECHNIQUE (PBT) (ages 11-19 with prior ballet experience and currently enrolled as an intermediate or advanced dancer at TDC) Company Illuminate Requirement if not in MT class. This class is a revolutionary program designed to enhance ballet technique by specializing in muscle memory, enhancing flexibility, and using dance medicine and exercises to prevent injury. Supply fee of $15.00 for stretch band and massage ball. These studio issued supplies are to be brought to every class. Students who took this class at our summer intensive already have the supplies needed.


Black leotard or form fitting bra top with black hot shorts or leggings. If students have ballet class on the same day, they should wear leotard and tights and should not take up class time to change outfits. No t-shirts. Hair secured in a neat bun using a hair net and bobby pins. No “messy buns”.
No headbands. Bare feet.