Hip Hop

Some dance technicians feel hip hop involves no dance technique. In the 1980ʼs, people said hip hop dancing was just a fad like disco & break dancing.....
 30 years later, it is stronger than ever! We believe hip hop dance has itʼs own technique and style. Hip hop is just one of the studioʼs art forms & ways of expression.
It does not have to be the provocative movements often seen in music videos. Thanks to choreography seen on “So You Think You Can Dance”, specifically dances
created by Tabitha & Napoleon DʼUmo, “lyrical hip hop”, or hip hop that tells a story, has become widely popular & instantly understood by audiences.
Our instructors work diligently to provide appropriate music and movements for TDC hip hop classes. We are “current” & “trendy” and teach true hip hop style,
not ”jazz funk” to hip hop music. We highly recommend jazz dance experience before enrolling in hip hop since hip hop involves more
intricate body isolations along with basic steps & directional changes taught in our jazz classes.

Hip Hop Training  At TDC

HIP HOP TRAINING at TDC will involve a warm-up, occasional across-the floor-exercises, freestyle opportunities, and always a significant amount of choreography. Hip hop class gives our dancers a better sense of musicality, an outstanding awareness of complicated, isolated movements and a higher performance level.. 


Loose, comfortable street clothes such as sweat pants & t-shirts or leggings, and athletic shoes. SHOES MUST BE CLEAN and DRY and NOT WORN OUTSIDE BEFORE CLASS! We encourage funky, urban clothing for a true hip hop “vibe”, including wristbands, bandanas, hats (as long as it stays on and is not distracting), etc! Express yourself! Hair can be worn as desired as long as it is not a distraction. No headbands.