Jazz dance is a classic American dance style that tis performance based and takes on many forms and is influenced by many styles but typically is the current and hip style of the times.
 Jazz dance training gives dancers a solid core of technical training with athletic movements including strong upper body movements, turns and leaps.
Jazz dance is highly beneficial to students who participate in musical theatre, dance teams & cheerleading.

Our jazz dance classes are high in energy and allow the dancers to express themselves. All levels of our jazz dance classes include strengthening & flexibility exercises. Jazz dance for our young students introduces body placement, isolations, basic steps and movements with directional changes and basic turns and leaps. Our intermediate to advanced jazz dancers will have more difficult turns, leaps with directional changes incorporated in their training & choreography. Jazz dancers need a strong technical background (ballet, JLT, lyrical/contemporary) to excel in this art form. Our jazz dance classes consist of a warm-up incorporating exercises for strength, flexibility, coordination, isolations and correct body alignment that will prevent injury. We will teach universal jazz steps and terminology and build progressions with these steps across the floor. Class will end with choreography incorporating what was worked on throughout the first part of the class. Advanced jazz classes that are 45 min in length require students attend a previous technique class as a warmup. The shortened jazz class will focus on choreography for a larger portion of the class. 

Jazz Training  At TDC


Black leotard or form fitting bra top with black hot shorts or leggings. Tan slip on jazz shoes. Advanced dancers may dance barefoot or with foot paws but will also use heels during the season for musical theatre work. If students have ballet class on the same day, they should wear leotard and tights and should not take up class time to change outfits. No t-shirts. Hair secured in a neat bun using a hair net and bobby pins. No “messy buns”. No headbands.