Pre-Kindergarten Dance

Our Pre-K Dance classes offer training in beginning movement concepts, ballet positions, basic steps, song & dance, and creative movement
in a fun yet structured setting. Tap dance will be introduced in our 4-6 year old Pre-K Combo classes.

Our Pre-K classes have always been taught by experienced adults. In addition to the dance skills that will be presented,
children will learn to follow directions, take turns, understand spatial awareness, and develop
listening skills.

Tiny Movers * Pre-K Combo * Pre-Ballet


Girls: black leotard (any style), pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Hair should be pulled back away from face, preferably in a bun. No headbands, jewelry & skirts as they become a distraction to the students.

Tap shoes: Pre-K Combo class (ages 4-6) ONLY. Tap shoes will not be worn in “Tiny Movers” Class or Pre-Ballet. Because preschoolers will not spend a significant amount of time in the shoes & they outgrow them so quickly, any standard “mary jane” style black tap shoes are acceptable. Please replace ribbon ties with elastic so children can slip the shoes on without worrying about lacing the ties or having the laces come undone during class.

Boys: white t-shirt, black shorts, white socks, black ballet shoes. Black tap oxford for boys (Pre-K Combo only).