Tap dance is a true American art form that is least understood, but extremely unique & rewarding. Why don’t they compete with this art form regularly
on shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance”? Because it takes intense study & years to acquire a proficient level of skill for performance!
At the more advanced levels, tap dancing involves exceptional memorization skills, understanding rhythms, and detailed articulation of the feet.
Tap dance started on the street and it is always rhythmic, so we donʼt call it “street tap” or “rhythm tap”......it is TAP!

Tap Training At TDC

TAP DANCE TRAINING at TDC gives our dancers faster foot skills, the ability to perform intricate movement patterns, and a much higher understanding of rhythm and musicality. Our style is funky and more into the ground, however we do occasionally work on “Broadway style” tapping. Our very young students will learn how to manipulate different parts of their feet against the floor, working on basic steps and rhythms. Our students will progress to more complicated steps, time steps and syncopated rhythms. We stress retention of universal tap steps and proper terminology.
Our more advanced tap dancers will be challenged with speed, articulation and trick steps.


ATTIRE: Dancers may wear jazz dance attire or anything comfortable that keeps the lower leg visible, such as shorts or sweat pants that are worn “rolled up” on the leg, or 3/4 length pants. If students have ballet class on the same day, they should wear leotard and tights with hair in a bun and should not take up class time to change hair and outfits.

SHOES: PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW FOR GROWING ROOM! The dancer will be trained to stay on the balls of her/his feet. with the heels off the floor. If the shoe slips off the heel when standing on the balls of the feet, it is too big and will hinder the training process.

Shoes for Pre-K Combo: Any standard “mary jane” style black tap shoes are acceptable. Please replace ribbon ties with elastic so children can slip the shoes on without worrying about lacing the ties or having the laces come undone during class.

Shoes for Tap 1, Tap 2, Tap 3:
Tan colored “Mary Jane” style tap shoe. Capezio Velcro Strap Tap Shoe in caramel is  preferred.
Shoes for Open Tap, Tap 4/5 and Tap 5/6: Black jazz tap shoe with Capezio Teletone Taps. Do not purchase soft leather, flexible jazz tap shoes. Serious/advanced tap dancers are encouraged to invest in a professional tap shoe. See Miss Heidi for more information. A lesser expensive alternative to the professional shoe and TDC recommendation is the Sodanca tap shoe or Jason Samuels Smith shoe.

* Because the black tap oxford is more expensive, students who are switching levels for the first time from the caramel mary jane to black tap oxford should WAIT for 6 weeks before purchasing the oxford to be sure class level / shoe is where the student will stay for the year.